VC & PE | IP Creation For Your Portfolio Startup Companies

There are always more ideas than money to protect them. Instead of spending a bunch of money to protect a few ideas why not try an approach that brings an in-house capability to protect all your ideas, on a shoestring budget, in true entrepreneurial bootstrap fashion.

We welcome the opportunity to work with VC and PE firms and their portfolio companies to identify, capture, and protect breakthrough opportunities.

Step 1: Marco Trends & Patent Landscape

Collaboratively, we'll study your area of interest and build a storyboard that identifies key trends, patents, and opportunity areas. The storyboard will be used as part of an ideation session with your team to harvest new products and services ideas.

Patent Trend Map

Step 2: Idea Harvesting & Idea Map Creation

Ranking and scoring the harvested ideas we'll create an idea map that will identify patenting opportunities, inform a vision, and zero in on high-value business-impactful innovation opportunities.

Bundling the strong ideas we'll collaborate with you to develop an IP creation and patent strategy which will protect the company's core innovations, position ideas for licensing, and introduce blocking disruption to derail competitors.

Idea Mapping

Step 3: Building Strategic IP

Inventing differently, an in-house program is flexible and can be designed right into existing innovation processes. Bringing the creation of patent applications closer to the technical team doing the work gets them involved in the process which in turn makes better quality patent applications. Our Bootstrap Patenting approach shortens the distance between conceiving and protecting breakthrough ideas. Patent more, pay less, break the by-the-hour law model.

Bootstrap Patenting

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Engaging with organizations to identify and commercialize breakthrough innovation opportunities, we analyze business challenges, identify competitive advantaged opportunities, patent protect ideas, architect innovative solutions, and organize entrepreneurial talent from the technical community to build, deploy, and as needed operate the solution.

Don't waste your time and budget sitting at events or running around trying to meet startups, let's be innovative together and accelerate your successful innovation outcomes.  We will collaborate with you to execute tailored innovation strategies to help you reach your innovation goals.