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Engaging to identify and commercialize breakthrough innovation opportunities. We analyze your business challenges, identify competitive advantaged opportunities,  patent protect ideas, architect innovative solutions, and organize entrepreneurial talent from the technical community to build, deploy, and as needed operate solutions.

Don't waste your time or budget, let's be innovative together and accelerate your successful innovation outcomes.  We will collaborate with you to execute tailored innovation strategies to help you reach your innovation goals.

Identifying, Patenting, and Commercializing Breakthrough Opportunities

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Bring Breakthrough Thinking and IP Creation In-House

Think differently about intellectual property. Embed a patent professional with your development teams to collaborate, capture, and create IP.

Change the way your organization identifies new products and market opportunities. Think bigger and more disruptive. Act on insights.

Leverage fractional professional IP services to start an in-house patent program. Invent more, pay less.

Get your talent involved in the patent creation process to patent smarter.

Capturing Breakthrough IdeasAre you ready to anticipate your industry's next move, find new business models, build a story to sell internally, or identify a competitive advantaged position ahead of your competitors? We have developed a very entrepreneurial methodology for discovering and capturing breakthrough ideas.
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+ Capture breakthrough invention opportunities through a patent/macro-trend study with workshop. Results create an idea map and patent strategy.

+ Facilitated invention capture workshops are a great way to explore opportunity areas that are important to a business.

Landscapes that illuminate white-space and competitive advantaged opportunities. 

+ Macro-trends analysis explore the interrelationships between Consumer, Technical, and Business insights and link relevant social trends with patentable ideas to envision and capture the future. 

Bootstrap PatentingYour business needs a patent strategy. An in-house program is flexible and can be designed right into your innovation processes. Bringing the creation of patent applications closer to your technical team gets them involved in the process which in turn makes better quality patent applications. Shorten the distance between conceiving and protecting a breakthrough idea. Patent more, pay less, break the by-the-hour law model.
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+ Fractional IP services to draft and prosecute patent applications.

+ Engaging senior and technical leaders to be part of the process.

+ Workshops to harvest ideas in your company.

+ Strategies to bundle ideas, protecting more in fewer applications.

+ Building patent portfolios for licensing, industry disruption, blocking competitors, and protecting your own innovations.

Accelerate Product Development Using External Innovation

Get external tech talent working on solutions for your business needs.

Create your virtual organizational chart of the brightest tech minds in the tech community to develop products for your organization.

Have a patent? Let a tech community team build a prototype for you.

When internal innovation is too slow and unwilling, use external resources to build and test those disruptive products and business models.

Product DevelopmentWe organize entrepreneurial talent from the technical community to build, deploy, and as needed operate the solutions. In sourcing talent from the technical community, such activities can be organized to support a company’s women, inclusive, or other entrepreneurship initiatives.

+ Bring your ideas into our innovation lab, and develop solutions.

Overcoming frustration, sometimes executives know exactly what to do and just can't make innovation happen inside their organizations.

Be your own startup. We like to partner with executives transitioning (or thinking of transitioning) out of corporations who have great ideas of their own.


Open InnovationScouting and Innovation outposting are open innovation strategies that put (low cost) tech talent interns to work on your innovation challenges. Use them to establish a global tech-scouting presence in startup-rich tech communities and at top-tier institutes.
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+ Scout a job description as an innovation challenge and find top-talent looking to deliver a solution.

+ Find talent globally; keep them local to provide a tech-scouting point-of-presence in desirable geographies and universities/institutes.

+ Build a trusted tech-scouting network in multiple geographies/institutes.

+ Import top tech-talent through your organization’s existing intern program.

+ Leverage low-cost, highly skilled tech-talent interns to grow your organization’s capabilities.

Be Part of Something Bigger

Our Big Genius Idea event is focused on connecting entrepreneurs, startups, and corporate executives.

When your company ready to co-create with a partner, consider forming an accelerator that starts with a business need and brings in tech community talent to develop a solution.

Co-Creating With PartnersDifferent from other accelerator models, we organize a company and at least one of their partners or clients into a cohort to co-create together around a strategic focus area by articulating business needs that we convert into innovation challenges and scout using our open innovation network
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+ Stakeholders are organized into a cohort (i.e. like clients, partners, business units, or other corporates).

+ Business needs are identified and refined into innovation challenges.

+ Innovation challenges are rapidly scouted in the tech community to access knowledge, talent, and technical solutions from startups and researchers. The process repeats as new business needs are identified.

+ Pick from what is found, Partner with what’s of interest, and Pilot with stakeholders to accelerate innovation. Bring opportunities into the lab to be developed.

Big Genius Idea ExpoJoin the mission to create 100,000 innovation opportunities for entrepreneurs that deliver a meaningful business impact by bringing companies with needs together with entrepreneurs who have solutions.
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+ The Business Need | Anonymous and non-confidential business needs are received from corporate executives and crafted into innovation challenges that are then shared in the technical community.

+ The Solution | Entrepreneurs develop concepts for products and solutions that solve the innovation challenges.

+ The Meeting | Executives and entrepreneurs meet anonymously at the Big Genius Idea Pitch Expo Event. If an executive likes what they see, a product development team can collaborate in a product review to bring the idea to life.


HBK-pic2I am a serial entrepreneur and innovator who helps companies develop market-changing technology by identifying and capturing intellectual property around breakthrough innovation.

I have startup experience raising more than $120 million in funding and a successful exit on NASDAQ. In my startup, I invented a wireless cashless payment technology that is widely used today. I then became a member of Coca-Cola R&D. At Coke, I led a team of innovators in the design of cold drink equipment. One such innovation was the Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser. After Freestyle, I successfully grew Coca-Cola’s open innovation program. The program scouted for technologies to meet Coke's business needs worldwide.

Having experience from both the startup and corporate perspective, I know firsthand how challenging it is to get breakthrough innovations out of the lab and into the marketplace at a meaningful big company scale, quickly. To address this challenge I founded Gr8BigIdeas to partner with companies seeking to innovate in the technical community and created an open innovation community. A focus has been growing the open innovation community and engaging with corporate partners to connect innovation needs with technical community solutions. In these endeavors, I have developed innovative tools and methods to bridge the gap between corporates and startups in completely new ways.

I also understand well the role of patents in open innovation environments. I am a registered US Patent Agent with more than 20 years of patent experience and a prolific inventor with more than 95 patents. Here is a list of my US patents.


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