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Ideas To ProductEntrepreneurs and Startups have lots of ideas and can move through product development at a fast-pace. Protecting ideas is important, but ideas often evolve during product development.  So how best to protect the early ideas as well as the final product?

We use a patent strategy that includes mentoring entrepreneurs and startups about the patent process. This approach engages the product developers and inventors to participate in refining ideas and collaborating in the development of the patent applications. We also integrate designing the patent applications into the product development cycle so that early ideas, the final product, as well as product variations for the future are all protected. We call it Bootstrap Patenting and we do it on a shoestring budget because that is how startups and entrepreneurs operate.

Bid IdeaThink differently about intellectual property. Embed a patent professional in your product development cycle or team to collaborate, capture, and create IP.

Change the way your company identifies new products and market opportunities. Think bigger and more disruptive. Act on insights.

Leverage fractional professional IP services to add in-house patent capabilities to your company. Invent more, pay less.

Get your talent involved in the patent creation process to patent smarter.

Working with private equity and venture capital firms we can support, mentor, and build IP for your portfolio companies.

Bootstrap Patenting

bootstrap-patentsYou need a patent strategy. Our approach leverages fractional IP services that are flexible and can be designed right into your product development process. Fractional services include prior art searching/reviews, facilitating idea harvesting workshops, patent and macro-trend landscaping/story-boarding to identify new market opportunities,  and patent application drafting/prosecution.

Bringing the creation of patent applications closer to the technical team gets them involved in the process which in turn makes better quality patent applications.

Mentoring entrepreneurs and startups about the patent process and how to organize product drawings and write descriptions that can be used in patent applications empowers them to be more proactive in IP creation. In addition, when the inventors and technical teams can produce accurate disclosures of their inventions the cost associated with preparing patent applications can be reduced. This collaboration also promotes capturing and protecting more early ideas and evolving ideas during the product development process.

Create IP faster from the spark of breakthrough ideas through product development and commercialization. Patent protecting concepts before you share or scout externally for talent to build solutions is an important step to maintaining ownership rights of your idea. A competitive advantage for your company can be the capability to rapidly identify, document, and protect ideas in a fast-paced product development environment.

+ Embedding with innovation teams to harvest, refine, and protect ideas

+ Identifying patentable ideas within startups technologies

+ Landscaping markets to identify new opportunities

+ Developing patent strategies for products and startup

+ Managing the patent creation process from concept to product launch

+ Discussing what might be patentable about your business or idea

+ Searching ideas for prior art patents

+ Reviewing prior art patents with product develop teams

+ Drafting, filing, and prosecuting patent applications

Capturing Breakthrough Ideas

TCH-bulbAnticipate an industry's next move, find new business models, build a story to sell to investors, zero in on product development opportunities, or identify a competitively advantaged position ahead of your competitors. We have developed a very entrepreneurial methodology for discovering and capturing breakthrough ideas.

+ Facilitated invention capture workshops are a great way to explore opportunity areas that are important to a business.

Developing macro-trends and insight maps. We identify the macro-trends that are driving your industry and connect them at the intersection of consumer insights, technical innovations, and new business models to illuminate opportunities.Insights

Building a patent landscape, we then identify where competitors and key technologies are being positioned. Where you have worries, we can also identify opportunities and areas of interest that intellectual property can be developed to disrupt your competitors.

Finding BreakthroughLinking patents and trends begins to emerge and clearly informs where the future of an industry is headed and what technologies and business models can be leveraged to unlock competitive advantage and new revenues. The mapping is used as a tool to identify strategic areas, shape innovative narratives to use internally, and plot to capture relevant opportunities that are well aligned for your organization. The intersection between consumer insights, technical breakthrough, and business models become the guideposts for a patent strategy from which lots of patentable ideas can be harvested to protect the broad opportunity. Patent Trend Map

Story-boarding reveals and makes real the market momentum and technical innovations happening that gives rise to new opportunity areas. The vision is brought to life. The experience is designed to inform executives and advance the kinds of conversations internally, in an interactive storytelling medium, that can help shape an approach around how to capture and commercialize newly discovered breakthrough opportunities.

+ Harvesting, scoring, and mapping ideas illuminate where high value and large concentrations of ideas around strategic business opportunity areas come together.Idea Mapping

+ Identifying strategies to bundle ideas and create patent portfolios for licensing, industry disruption, blocking competitors, and protecting new concepts and business models. These strategies protect as many ideas as possible with as few patent applications as possible.

This technique is also really helpful in fast-changing emerging technology areas, where business models are being tested, when competitors may be poised to disrupt, or like in my startup when there are just way more ideas than budget and you have to shoestring-it to make it all fit.


HBK-pic2I am a serial entrepreneur and innovator who helps companies develop market-changing technology by identifying and capturing intellectual property around breakthrough innovation.

I have startup experience raising more than $120 million in funding and a successful exit on NASDAQ. In my startup, I invented a wireless cashless payment technology that is widely used today. I then became a member of Coca-Cola R&D. At Coke, I led a team of innovators in the design of cold drink equipment. One such innovation was the Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser. After Freestyle, I successfully grew Coca-Cola’s open innovation program. The program scouted for technologies to meet Coke's business needs worldwide.

Having experience from both the startup and corporate perspective, I know firsthand how challenging it is to get breakthrough innovations out of the lab and into the marketplace at a meaningful big company scale, quickly. To address this challenge I founded Gr8BigIdeas to help entrepreneurs and startups patent their ideas and assist corporates who are seeking to innovate in the technical community.

I also created an open innovation community of knowledge, talent, and solutions. A focus has been growing the open innovation community and engaging with corporate partners to connect their innovation needs with technical community solutions. In these endeavors, I have developed innovative tools and methods to bridge the gap between corporates and startups in completely new ways.

I also understand well the role of patents in open innovation environments. I am a registered US Patent Agent with more than 20 years of patent experience and a prolific inventor with more than 95 patents. Here is a list of my US patents.


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