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HBK-picI help companies think like entrepreneurs and identify intellectual property around breakthrough innovation.

To do this I work with development teams cultivating innovation, capturing good ideas, and creating competitive advantage through patenting.

Are you working on any big innovations? 

I am eager to engage with Senior Leaders in companies who are working on big innovations. I also collaborate with a Company's inside or outside counsel on projects.

The process:

+ Empowering entrepreneurial thinking by sharing how-to and best practice

+ Facilitating Insightful invention capture workshops

+ Developing patent strategies that uncover hidden opportunities

+ Drafting strategic patents around breakthrough innovation

+ Capturing competitive advantage by building patent portfolios

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How I got here | I am an electrical engineer,  entrepreneur, and prolific inventor with a lot of strategy, partnering, and licensing experience. I became a Patent Agent when my startup had more ideas than money and picking fewer ideas to protect was not an option. Joining Coca-Cola and working on amazing innovations I realized development teams often need a team member dedicated to cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit, facilitating a process of harvesting good ideas, and turning those ideas into a competitive advantage. Development teams love the process and engagement. After all who doesn't like getting their ideas heard and their name on a patent.

How I can help you | So today I work with companies, embedding with development teams to educate about inventing and facilitate workshops to harvest ideas. I use strategies to link trends and insights with captured ideas to super-size opportunities and uncover hidden possibilities and new business models. Finally, I collaborate with the development teams to draft patent applications protecting innovations for the company using clever ways to bundle ideas and create high value patent portfolios.

Empowering | Entrepreneurial Thinking

Speaking Events | We all have had that million dollar idea slip away. At least in our minds, we think so. Just about everyone has dreamed of being an inventor and making money from a patent yet the how-to often remains elusive and a bit of a mystery. Unlocking the entrepreneurial mindset in your company might be as simple as starting a new conversation and giving permission to Associates to think big. This is an area I can help. Below is one of my presentations on ideas.

Leading | Insightful Collaboration

People-BrainstormingWorkshops | Done well, a facilitated invention capture workshop invites Associates to hear about a challenging area that is important to the business and then journey with them to explore, brainstorm, and collaboratively share ideas and solutions.

Working in small teams, a group engaged in the process can add on to small ideas making them bigger, focus big ideas on solving meaningful business impactful needs, and provide a wealth of insights about the organization that only the diversity of thought can create in an arena of ideas. The harvesting of ideas in such workshops is plentiful and rewarding.

Designing | Strategic Patents

Strategy-BulbLandscapes | When it comes time to create a patent portfolio, patent landscapes show you what others have done and exposes the white-spaces of opportunity. This information is useful and shines a light on the patentable merit of your own harvested ideas.

Idea bundling | Strategies to protect as many ideas as possible, in as few patent applications as you can create different kinds of much-needed flexibility. For example, buying time to shift the direction of ideas as the development team makes progress or when Marketing engages and forces a course correction.

This technique is also really helpful in fast-changing emerging technology areas, where business models are being tested, when competitors may be poised to disrupt, or like in my startup when there are just way more ideas than budget and you have to shoestring-it to make it all fit.


Macro trends | Less obvious is how one might look into the future and predict which ideas are going to be more valuable than others. Like a crystal ball.

A macro trend analysis looks at the interrelationships between Consumer, Technical, and Business insights and links relevant social trends with patentable ideas in an attempt to capture the future. This is a technique I have developed over many years and is one of my most favorite studies to do and portfolios to create.

What's right for you | Putting it all together there are lots of ways to protect your Company's greatest innovations. Empowering Associates to think big, collaborating to harvest good ideas, and developing patent portfolios to create competitive advantage are some of the areas. Different situations warrant different approaches and getting started is the best way to explore.

DIY Bootstrap Patenting Workshops

Come Patent Your Own Idea | Many of the best ideas originate with startups and entrepreneurs in the tech community but often go unprotected as the know-how to patent it yourself (i.e. bootstrap) and cost can be barriers.

For startups seeking funding, having an IP strategy is always a question an investor will ask. For an entrepreneur, a risk is sharing your unprotected idea in a business context.  Let's fix these challenges by helping you create some IP!

What if there was a patent DIY workshop where you could come and work on patenting your idea, get coaching and instruction in the process, do what you can on your own, and get help when you need it? That is the intent of this workshop.

Learn What's Possible | Explore Best Approach | Engage Protecting Your Idea

No big lecture or presentation, just how-to mentoring from a patent professional. The workshop is limited to a few people at a time to maximize collaboration with each person on their ideas and needs one-on-one.  Where there is overlap on a how-to process, such as searching patents we will work in a small group. Bring your laptop and be prepared to work independently. To be most efficient with time pick an area we can focus on together:

+ Discussing what might be patentable about your business or idea

+ Developing a patent strategy for your startup or company

+ Searching your idea for prior art patents

+ Drafting your own patent application

+ Responding to an Office Action you have received

The workshop is recurring. Attend as you have IP needs.


Check the Event Calendar for dates. times, and costs. Contact with questions.

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Let's get to inventing!


HBK-pic2I am a serial entrepreneur and innovator who helps companies develop market-changing technology by identifying and capturing intellectual property around breakthrough innovation. I have startup experience raising more than $120 million in funding and a successful exit on NASDAQ. In my startup, I invented a wireless cashless payment technology that is widely used today. I then became a member of Coca-Cola R&D. At Coke, I led a team of innovators in the design of cold drink equipment. One such innovation was the Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser. After Freestyle, I successfully grew Coca-Cola’s open innovation program. The program scouted for technologies to meet Coke's business needs worldwide.

Having experience from both the startup and corporate perspective, I know firsthand how challenging it is to get breakthrough innovations out of the lab and into the marketplace at meaningful big company scale, quickly. To address this challenge I founded which focuses on ‘Community Led Open Innovation’. In this endeavor, I developed innovation tools and methods to bridge the gap between corporates and startups in completely new ways. A focus is growing an online innovator's community and engaging with corporate partners to connect innovation needs with technical community solutions. I also understand well the role of patents in open innovation environments. I am a registered US Patent Agent with more than 18 years of patent experience and a prolific inventor with more than 85 patents. Here is a list of my US patents.


Let's get started. How can we stir an entrepreneurial mindset in your organization and protect your greatest innovations?



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