Capturing Breakthrough Ideas

Anticipate an industry's next move, find new business models, build a story to sell to investors, zero in on product development opportunities, or identify a competitively advantaged position ahead of your competitors. We have developed a very entrepreneurial methodology for discovering and capturing breakthrough ideas.

+ Facilitated invention capture workshops are a great way to explore opportunity areas that are important to a business. A facilitated invention capture workshop invites Associates to hear about a challenging area that is important to the business and then journey to explore, brainstorm, and collaboratively share ideas and solutions. Working in small teams, a group engaged in the process can add on to small ideas making them bigger, focus big ideas on solving meaningful business impactful needs, and provide a wealth of insights about the organization that only the diversity of thought can create in an arena of ideas. The harvesting of ideas in such workshops is plentiful and rewarding. A next step can be working with your business leaders and product development team to refine the raw ideas into patentable concepts and drafting patent applications to protect the most promising ideas and concepts. Using a strategy of idea bundling, lots of ideas can be packed into a few patent applications.

Developing macro-trends and insight maps. We identify the macro-trends that are driving your industry and connect them at the intersection of consumer insights, technical innovations, and new business models to illuminate opportunities.Insights

Building a patent landscape, we then identify where competitors and key technologies are being positioned. Where you have worries, we can also identify opportunities and areas of interest that intellectual property can be developed to disrupt your competitors.

Finding BreakthroughLinking patents and trends begins to emerge and clearly informs where the future of an industry is headed and what technologies and business models can be leveraged to unlock competitive advantage and new revenues. The mapping is used as a tool to identify strategic areas, shape innovative narratives to use internally, and plot to capture relevant opportunities that are well aligned for your organization. The intersection between consumer insights, technical breakthrough, and business models become the guideposts for a patent strategy from which lots of patentable ideas can be harvested to protect the broad opportunity. 

Patent Trend Map

Story-boarding reveals and makes real the market momentum and technical innovations happening that gives rise to new opportunity areas. The vision is brought to life. The experience is designed to inform executives and advance the kinds of conversations internally, in an interactive storytelling medium, that can help shape an approach around how to capture and commercialize newly discovered breakthrough opportunities.

+ Harvesting, scoring, and mapping ideas illuminate where high value and large concentrations of ideas around strategic business opportunity areas come together.Idea Mapping

+ Identifying strategies to bundle ideas and create patent portfolios for licensing, industry disruption, blocking competitors, and protecting new concepts and business models. These strategies protect as many ideas as possible with as few patent applications as possible.

This technique is also really helpful in fast-changing emerging technology areas, where business models are being tested, when competitors may be poised to disrupt, or like in my startup when there are just way more ideas than budget and you have to shoestring-it to make it all fit.