If You’re A Corporate Seeking To Innovate In The Tech Community Then You Will Likely Need These Capabilities

Your organization has decided this is the year to embrace innovation in the tech community!

Can I suggest holding off on making the pilgrimage to Silicon Valley to blow your budget sitting at events and meeting startups that are making stuff that nobody wants? This is just "looking" innovative and likely will not net you what think it will.

Instead, focus on starting with your business needs and "being" innovative to find and foster solutions from the tech community that drives reaching your innovation goals. To this end, there are several capabilities you will likely need to turn business needs into successful innovation outcomes that should be at the core of your innovation framework. Learn more about corporate innovation and these capabilities at www.Gr8BigIdeas.com.

Capturing Breakthrough Ideas - Are you ready to anticipate your industry's next move, find new business models, build a story to sell internally, or identify a competitive advantaged position ahead of your competitors? Done well, facilitated invention capture workshops are a great way to explore opportunity areas that are important to a business.finding-breakthrough

Bootstrap Patenting - Your business needs a patent strategy. Protecting ideas before sharing or scouting in the tech community maintains your ownership rights. An in-house program is flexible and can be designed right into your innovation processes. Bringing the creation of patent applications closer to your technical team gets them involved in the process which in turn makes better quality patent applications. Shorten the distance between conceiving and protecting a breakthrough idea. Patent more, pay less, break the by-the-hour law model.

Open Innovation Tech Scouting - Scouting and Innovation outposting are open innovation strategies that put (low cost) tech talent interns to work on your innovation challenges. Use them to establish a global tech-scouting presence in startup-rich tech communities and at top-tier institutes.

Co-Creating Accelerators - Different from other accelerator models, co-creating accelerators organize a company and at least one of their partners, customers, or clients into a cohort to co-create together around a strategic focus area by articulating business needs that are converted into innovation challenges and scouted using an open innovation network seeking knowledge, talent, and solutions.How Micro Acceleration Works

Product Development - Organizes entrepreneurial talent from the technical community to build, deploy, and as needed operate the solutions. In sourcing talent from the technical community, such activities can be organized to support a company’s women, inclusive, or other entrepreneurship initiatives.

About Gr8BigIdeas.com | Engaging with organizations to identify and commercialize breakthrough innovation opportunities, we analyze business challenges, identify competitive advantaged opportunities, patent protect ideas, architect innovative solutions, and organize entrepreneurial talent from the technical community to build, deploy, and as needed operate the solution. www.Gr8BigIdeas.com