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When it comes to identifying new white-space opportunities in an industry I like storyboarding patent and macro-trends across a beginning-to-current timeline range. The storyboard reveals how patented technologies combine with macro-trends to shape the industry over time. Informed by the past, the present makes more sense and it is easy to see the white-space opportunities that are likely to come next.

Often done as a first step to an idea harvesting workshop, when I do this for a company, I like to use the storyboard process to pre-identify with the company's senior business leaders the 5 to 10 high priority areas in which to guide a workshop cohort to explore. It is not uncommon to harvest several dozen really strong ideas with such a storyboard approach and workshop format.

If you are looking for a way to anticipate your industry's next move, consider this storyboarding technique coupled with an idea harvesting workshop. Well facilitated, it can give you what you are looking for.

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