Patent Search Your Good Idea Into A Great Idea

I was recently working with an entrepreneur who had an idea in the health care space. The idea came to him through an observation of how people are shopping during COVID. Simple and elegant he started to build a prototype.

While the prototype was being built I did a patent search and discovered that while unique in solving a COVID type challenge, the parts, techniques, and processes had been mentioned in prior patents. The patent search results suggested that if we prepared and filed a patent application, on the original idea, it would be easy for the Patent Examiner to reject it.

When Patent Search Results Stand In Your Way, Reimagine A New Solution For The Problem Being Solved.

Instead of giving up on the idea, the entrepreneur looked more closely at the problem he was trying to solve and in view of what was learned, in the patent search, reimagined a new solution. The resulting new idea worked more seamlessly with shopper behavior, was easier and cheaper to manufacture, was adaptable to more store environments, targeted potentially bigger industries and partners, and perhaps most importantly looked like an idea that would be easier to get through the patent office. Enthusiasm went from a low when the patent search looked like a roadblock to a high when the original good idea evolved into a great idea.

Are you ready to turn your good idea into a great idea?

      • Try patent searching your own idea on Google's patent search website and see what you find.
      • Then, in view of your search results, reimagine how you can solve the problem differently; faster, better, cheaper so to speak.

You might have just turned your good idea into a great idea.

This technique also works well in an innovation workshop format.

      • Identify a problem to solve and refine a solution in a workshop group setting.
      • Do a patent search while the group is at lunch.
      • Have the group make the idea better in view of the patent search results.
Ways we can help you:
      • Drafting, filing, and prosecuting patent applications
      • Embedding with innovation teams to harvest, refine, and protect ideas
      • Identifying patentable ideas within startup technologies
      • Landscaping markets to identify new opportunities
      • Developing patent strategies for products and startup
      • Managing the patent creation process from concept to product launch
      • Searching ideas for prior art patents
      • Reviewing prior art patents with product development teams
      • Building IP for VC/PE portfolio companies

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