You need a patent strategy. Our approach leverages fractional IP services that are flexible and can be designed right into your product development process. Fractional services include prior art searching/reviews, facilitating idea harvesting workshops, patent and macro-trend landscaping/story-boarding to identify new market opportunities,  and patent application drafting/prosecution. bootstrap-patents

Bringing the creation of patent applications closer to the technical team gets them involved in the process which in turn makes better quality patent applications.

Mentoring entrepreneurs and startups about the patent process and how to organize product drawings and write descriptions that can be used in patent applications empowers them to be more proactive in IP creation. In addition, when the inventors and technical teams can produce accurate disclosures of their inventions the cost associated with preparing patent applications can be reduced. This collaboration also promotes capturing and protecting more early ideas and evolving ideas during the product development process.

Create IP faster from the spark of breakthrough ideas through product development and commercialization. Patent protecting concepts before you share or scout externally for talent to build solutions is an important step to maintaining ownership rights of your idea. A competitive advantage for your company can be the capability to rapidly identify, document, and protect ideas in a fast-paced product development environment.

+ Embedding with innovation teams to harvest, refine, and protect ideas

+ Identifying patentable ideas within startups technologies

+ Landscaping markets to identify new opportunities

+ Developing patent strategies for products and startup

+ Managing the patent creation process from concept to product launch

+ Searching ideas for prior art patents

+ Reviewing prior art patents with product development teams

+ Drafting, filing, and prosecuting patent applications